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This is a list of common triggers, phobias, and sensitive topics that people often ask to be tagged, and I thought would be a good community thing to put together.

I want to preface this by saying this is just a compiling of information from being on practically 100 different social media websites since I was like 12, my experience with trauma/triggers/and the like, and from what I've seen people asking to be tagged. This is not in any way, shape, or form, telling people they absolutely have to tag these things if they are not stated to need to be tagged under TOS, but as a friendly reminder that these are things that may be sensitive and/or triggering for people to see.

Disclaimer: This is the best list I could manage to put together. Obviously people have other triggers than this and have full right to ask people to tag such triggers or things that squick them out, etc, however these are just the most common ones that I know of.

I'll be writing tags like this: "#tag here" as to not confuse anyone since some of these will have multiple tags written next to eachother

To start this, when something is just mentioned and isn't outright present in a post, many people will tag things like "#tag mention" or "#tag ment".. for example say you mention you used to have an eating disorder, but you're not going into detail or talking about it more than that it'd be good to tag as "#ED mention" however if you go into detail or actually talk about what your eating disorder is or that you're struggling with it, you should stick to just tagging it as "#ED" so people are fully aware that there are details about it and not just an offhanded remark.

It's a good practice to use both tags at the same time if you don't go into deep detail, or just the mention tag for things that are very briefly mentioned, and the outright tag for things that have any actual details.

Also keep in mind, you shouldn't put "#tw: tag" or anything like that as it makes it harder to blacklist things.

In regards to trauma, mental health, etc.
This includes talking about mental health, depictions of trauma/mental health realted stuff in visual or written media, and so on.

  • "#Mental health" .. "#vent" .. "#suicidal thoughts" .. "#self harm"
  • "#anxiety attacks" .. "#trauma" .. "#abuse" .. "#ED" [or eating disorder]
  • "#self deprecation" .. "#threats"
  • Notes for these.. You can also add a secondary tag to specify things such as "#childhood trauma" or "#physical abuse" along side the usage of the first tag. Also please keep in mind that it's nice to tag things that just relate to mental health as well, even if not outright related to trauma
    For example, tags such as "#binge eating" if someone is eating a lot at once or eating non-stop. "#food" as a general tag for people who have EDs... or more simple things like "#Yelling" .. "#loud noises" .. and "#agressive tone" for those of us who have trauma regarding those, even if the thing with it might not be scary, traumatizing, or dark in any way.

In regards to body horror, gore, violence, etc.
For both visual media and written media. Obviously the visual media in terms of gore would all be art and not irl stuff since that stuff isn't allowed, but I figure I'll go over the entire list.

  • "#blood" .. "#gore" .. "#severed limbs" "#decapitation" .. "#stitches" ..
  • "#Bruises" .. "#open wound" .. "#bodily harm" .. "#violence" .. "corpses"
  • "#organs" .. "#body horror" .. "#body decay" .. "#bugs in bodies"
  • "#multiple eyes" .. "#multiple mouths" .. "#scars" .. "#tumors"
  • "#flower gore" .. "#body deformation"
  • For things like multiple eyes, typically it's used for if there's more than 3 eyes, or if the extra eyes are on parts of the body besides roughly where normal eyes go, or on the forehead. And like with scars, typically it's for large or very rough looking scars, or things like self harm scars.
    Body deformation is specifically for horror like tropes such as random body parts growing really large, zombies, or things of that nature... and Flower gore is typically used to refer to things like plants growing out of bodies, or like hanahaki disease.
    Also "bugs in bodies' probably sounds kind of vague, but this is a very general tags for things such as bugs in people's mouths, ears, or uh.. decomposition type bugs. [sorry trying to keep this list as trigger free as possible]

In regards to common phobias and triggers.
This is for stuff like scopophobia, the fear of clowns, horror in general, insects, things of that nature.

  • "#bugs" .. "#spiders" .. "#scopophobia" .. "#trypophobia" .. "#clowns"
  • "#horror" .. "#monsters .. "#needles" .. "#medical equipment" .. "#hospitals"
  • "#Astraphobia" .. "#trypanophobia" .. "#weapons" .. "#guns" .. "#childbirth"
  • "#animal death" .. "#drinking" .. "#drug use' .. "#alcohol" .. "#drugs"
  • "#claustrophobia" .. "#vomit" .. "#slurs" .. "#unreality"
  • Most of these are self explanatory, but scopophobia is the fear of staring/being watched [or intense eye contact in some cases] so anything where they're staring directly ito the camera. Trypophobia is the fear of tons of tiny holes.. Astraphobia is the fear of lightning and thunder.. and Trypanophobia is the fear of injections [by needles typically]
    Unreality is often used in terms of basically anything implying being in a simulation/dream/coma/etc or what you're experiencing isn't real, especially those "joke" posts like "you're in a coma it's time to wake up" or something.

Other tags...
These are a bunch of other common tags to help people avoid content they're uncomfortable with, triggers, etc. There are also some general "tone" tags to help people who may not understand what is trying to be said or what the tone is [like in joke arguments and stuff]

  • "#racism" .. "#ableism" .. "#homophobia" .. "#politics" .. "antisemitism"
  • "#illness" [like a cold or disease] .. "#swearing" .. "#fake [thing]" [such as fake screenshots or something]
  • "#police violence" .. "#sexism" .. "#jumpscares" .. "#epilepsy warning"
  • "#eyestrain" .. "#flashing images" .. "#flashing gif" .. "#flashing colors"
  • "#joking [insert thing you're joking about here]"
  • I want to state it's VERY important you write "epilepsy warning" and not just "epilepsy" because many people use that tag to talk about having it and what not.
    [EDIT:] I'm keeping the 'epilepsy warning' tag as my friend with epilepsy said it's the most common tag used for that stuff, but also added some other tags below it that are also good to tag because of the ask I received regarding the implications of it. If you feel uncomfortable using that tag, or want to be more specific in what the tag is specifically for, please use the other three tags I added.
    also added "#eyestrain" as I forgot to add that one originally.

Feel free to reblog this, and if there's any tags you want to add that you think are common enough to warrant being mentioned that I may have missed, feel free to.