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Roleplaying Information


I am open to roleplays, so here's a bit about me!

- I tend to enjoy long-term roleplays rather to short-term. My favorite of the rp's i've been in span on for, what, 1-2 years?? Of course I am open to short-term ones, just make it known to me before we begin!

- I like worldbuilding. So, if you have a plot I take interest in, expect me to ask a heccton of questions about it, and suggest ideas as well!

- I write in third person limited! You don't have to write in the same format, though I would prefer if it were not in scripted format, or standard playwriting format.

- I typically send from a good paragraph's worth of reply to maybe 3's worth, though it honestly depends on what's happening. I can write more than this, though it's typically reserved for scenes with emotional significance to myself, or with first posts.

- I tend to roleplay Sonic the Hedgehog roleplays, though I am open to other fandom-based roleplays (as long as I know enough about the fandom). If possible, we could even make up an rp from scratch! As long as it has a plot that interests me, we should be good!

- While I do feel comfy playing as both male and female, I have a lot of my characters represented as non binary/agender and using ze/zir pronouns!

That's about it.

So, have a nice one!